Who We Are

TMPR Disability Consulting is an organization committed to providing teens and young adults with disabilities and employers/organizations that work with teens and young adults with disabilities with coaching, training and resources to reach their full potential. TMPR Disability Consulting provides services, such as Disability Coaching, College and Job Training and Development and Speaking Engagements.

What We Do

TMPR Disability Consulting provides resources and services to teens and young adults with disabilities who need assistance with navigating through life’s challenges; through coaching and speaking engagements on college readiness, ADA accommodations within secondary education and college, ADA travel domestically or internationally, career guidance and self-advocacy.

Diversity Statement

TMPR Disability Consulting is committed to serving teens and young adults with disabilities of all backgrounds, regardless of race, gender, or sex. Our organization is passionate about helping teens and young adults with disabilities become successful in all aspects of their lives, with the goal of removing any barriers or stereotypes they may face.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower teens and young adults with disabilities to self-advocate within ADA Accessibility, Higher Education, and Employment.


“Trenaya is a joy to know and is an asset to any team. In our graduate program, I was able to work with her closely and in doing so I learned few things:

  • Trenaya is determined and passionate
  • Trenaya leads with a strategic mindset
  • Trenaya understands communication and how to best present ideas

It is fun to watch all that Trenaya is doing for those around her. Trenaya is a joy to know and is an asset to any team.”

MPA CAP, Senior Director of Development
Orlando Health Foundation

“When I met Trenaya it was when I started Temple university. She guided me through internship opportunities with the government at Temple’s disability resource office. With her guidance she helped me gain an internship at the DLA. I was apprehensive at first, but she gave me the confidence to do it. I have since turned that internship into a permanent career. I will always be thankful for her support.

Tailored Vendor Logistics Specialist
Defense Logistics Agency

“Trenaya is super kind and intuitive. It’s so incredible to see how a simple conversation about a very broad goal that I wanted, turned into multiple hours of conversation where it was very clear she took the time and effort to tailor each of our sessions towards my specific goals as well as doing the research to find me the resources I need to succeed. I truly appreciate her personalized approach. I’m so grateful to have met her and so happy to be a part of each other’s networks. Thank you for your time and help!”


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