Our Core Values



Eliminating any stereotypes, stigmas, and barriers for teens and young adults with disabilities and minority teens and young adults with disabilities in education, employment, and social settings.



Building the next generation of teens and young adults with disabilities to become self-advocates.



Assisting teens and young adults with disabilities with the transition to adulthood, with a focus on higher education and professional excellence.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to enact change to help decrease unemployment rates and increase graduation rates in higher education for those with disabilities nationwide by providing disability coaching, college, job training, and development and self-advocacy services early on to teens and young adults with disabilities.

Why Work With TMPR Disability Consulting

TMPR Disability Consulting has a team with over eight years of personal and professional experience assisting teens and young adults with disabilities in Higher Education and Employment. Employees within TMPR Disability Consulting have collaborated with over 20 Colleges/Universities, Nonprofit Organizations, and Fortune 500 Companies nationwide to provide training and education on inclusive higher education and employment for teens, young adults, and college students with disabilities, as well as internships and job opportunities for teens and young adults with disabilities.

Meet Trenaya!

Trenaya Michele Reid, MPA, is a champion for ADA Rights and Advocacy for those with disabilities. Being a person with a physical disability, Trenaya has been an advocate and mentor for those with disabilities since she was younger. Within her career, Trenaya has been in the space of disability advocacy for over eight years, conducting over a dozen presentations on disability advocacy and etiquette.

Trenaya attended Temple University and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and a certification in Spanish. In addition, she has attended the University of Central Florida and holds a Master’s in Public Administration.

 Trenaya is a Workforce Development Manager, where she was able to build out two, Workforce Development Programs, for a not-for-profit organization, assisting adults and teens with disabilities with obtaining internship and employment opportunities.

Trenaya is also a published author, in which she published her autobiography Life Rollz On. Trenaya has written her autobiography to encourage readers who have disabilities, parents who have children with disabilities and professionals who work with those with disabilities that no matter the challenges and obstacles that occur within our lives, we can still move forward to pursue our dreams.

Articles and Radio Interview

The Women Who Empower Chronicle
Contributor to Article: Women with Disabilities Overcoming Adversity

Autobiographer Attributes Success to Embracing Abilities Over Challenges

Life Rollz On for GAR grad Trenaya Reid
Author Reid Hopes to Inspire Others With Life Rollz On’ Autobiography

Nikki Stone Show
Trenaya Reid with Nikki Stone

Trenaya Reid Continues her inspiring story with Nikki Stone and why she eliminates the “dis” from disability and focuses on the ability she possesses to do things.

Awards & Recognition

Temple University’s Diamond Award Recipient

The Diamond Award is the highest recognition given to a Temple University undergraduate student. This recognition is based on the student’s leadership, academic achievement, service to the university, and impact on the community.

City of Wilkes-Barre: City Resolution Nominee

Awarded City Resolution by the City of Wilkes-Barre, PA for serving a two-year term on the city’s Junior City Council and for the publication of Life Rollz On.