TMPR Disability Consulting provides coaching for teens and young adults with disabilities within the following areas:

College Readiness

Providing guidance and resources on how to search for disability-related scholarships and grant opportunities, choosing the right college that meets ADA needs and sense of belonging, how to become involved with the colleges/universities’ disability resources departments, how to search for clubs, extracurricular activities, and internship opportunities; in addition to being a self-advocate for personal and professional needs as a college student.

ADA Accommodations within Education

Providing guidance and resources on programs and services to request while in secondary education and/or while in college. For example, how to request ADA accommodations through services, such as Individualized Education Plans (IEP) and Section 504 Plans.

Accessible Travel

Providing guidance and resources on how to plan your next vacation or business trip with ease as an individual with a disability. Education and training on how to navigate through airports and TSA; as well as accessible hotels, transportation, and excursions (for domestic and/or international travel).

Career Guidance

Providing guidance and resources on ways teens with disabilities can become involved in internships and summer job opportunities. In addition, providing coaching to young adults with disabilities looking for an internship and job opportunities once graduating from high school, while in college, and/or post-graduation from college.


Providing guidance and coaching on ways teens and young adults with disabilities can become advocates for themselves, personally and professionally. Focusing on how to be an advocate for resources and services in high school, college, their careers, medical needs, and/or ADA accommodations.

Speaking Engagements

One-hour speaking engagements provided to employers and organizations that work with teens and young adults with disabilities on topics such as Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) and Hiring Practices for those with Disabilities, College Readiness, ADA Accommodations within Education, ADA Accessible Facilities, Career Guidance and Self-Advocacy (virtually, via Zoom, or in-person).

College/Job Training and Development for College Students with Disabilities

TMPR Disability Consulting provides a College/Job Training and Development Program to college seekers (high school students with a disability) and college students with disabilities. The College and Job, Training and Development Program will have six tracks within the following topics:

  • Choosing an ADA Accessible College
  •  Connecting to your College/University’s Disability Resource and Services Department
  •  Requesting ADA Accommodations on Campus (e.g., ADA Accommodations for Educational Needs and/or ADA Accommodations for Public Facilities and Events on Campus)
  • Gaining Professional Development and Internship/Job Opportunities as a College Student with a Disability
  • Overcoming Stereotypes as a College Student with Disability and/or a Minority College Student with a Disability
  • Transition from Post-Graduation to Employment


Our virtual online workshops are designed for college and high school students with disabilities to participate in, such as Career Exploration, How to Build a Strong Resume, How to Search/Apply for Jobs, Mock Interviewing, and How to Thank an Employer after an Interview.

Once participants complete the coaching and training, TMPR Disability Consulting will work with college students with disabilities to build a professional (career) portfolio, showcasing their skills, professional headshots, LinkedIn profiles, letters of recommendation, and resumes.


TMPR Disability Consulting offers one-hour online webinars, via Zoom or Teams, to employers, disability-related organizations, nonprofit organizations, and colleges/universities to provide resources and training on areas to assist teens and young adults with disabilities. Topic areas include College Recruitment for Young Adults with Disabilities, Disability Awareness Training, Diversity Equity and Inclusion Practices, ADA Accommodations in Education and in the Workplace, and ADA Accessibility and Compliance.