Incorporating Disability Awareness in the Workplace

These last few weeks, I have had the great pleasure of collaborating with multiple employers/organizations. During these conversations, we had discussion on “What is Disability Awareness?” Between giving a presentation to over 70 employees on defining Disability Awareness, and having 1-1 meetings, Disability Awareness can be defined as the practice of knowing, acknowledging, and accepting individuals’ experiences as they relate to disability (Disability Network, Capital Area: Disability Awareness). Disability Awareness is also part of becoming educated on disabilities or terminology that may be new to you. Many employers/organizations state that it is a challenge to bring up the conversation of “Disability” within the workplace, due to how others may perceive the subject. In addition, questions have come up on how to best support individuals with disabilities within our personal lives and in the workplace. Is it okay to offer to hold the door for a wheelchair user? Would they be offended?

With some of the challenges and experiences that I needed to overcome being a professional with a disability in the workplace, I enjoy having conversations that will help organizations best support their staff on disability awareness and providing resources and services to their employees who have disabilities. If you are an employer/organization wanting to learn more about Disability Awareness and provide training/resources on Disability Awareness, contact TMPR Disability Consulting to schedule a meeting to learn more!